Customer feedback is a huge part of any business, they help new customers gain trust in doing businesses with us and the feedback we receive from past customers is used to help us make continually improve how we do business. So please take the time to view what some of our customers have to say about us. If we have already had the pleasure of doing business with you. PLEASE take the time to fill out our review form to share your feedback!

  • "Elaine your product is Amazing! So proud to have it as part of our product line.Last night we had our outdoor agility class and the horse fly were awful. everyone used the product and they disappeared (the horse fly). Today I went out to create a new garden on the side of the house and within 60 seconds i was bit three times by mosquitoes. came back in and used it ,Not another bite for 4 hours. Response & .Sales are amazing so far and will only grow and grow. Thank you Derek "

    Derek Vince Retailer Eco Pet Kingston

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    Derek Vince Retailer Eco Pet Kingston

  • " Hi Derek Used the all natural Deep North outdoor spray this weekend...just had to send you a note. This stuff is awesome !! Smells nice...not sticky like others I have tried...(aloe and vitamin E makes me think I could use it to get rid of wrinkles...haha) Sprayed myself and the dog on the back was rainy and not much of a the tiny little flies were buzzing around. Not only did they disappear but I found allot of them dead on the white porch table works!! If this works as well to keep fleas and ticks away...I may have to go into business with you! Thanks Kathy "

    Derek Vince Retailer Eco Pet Kingston

  • "The Love your pet spray is a staple in my home. My guests all gush at how lovely my home and my dogs keeps fleas and bugs off them very well, I have bought so many bottles for friends and family. Truly a marvel as I try to keep myself, my home and most importantly my pets free from pests naturally..Thank you for creating such a wonderful product!.Can't say enough good things about it!!!!"

    Fab, Teddy and Panda

  • "We've carried the Love Your Pet Deep North Spray now for 3 yrs. Our clients are amazed at how well this product works for their dogs!"

    Cindy, Peterborough Pet Hospital

  • "Hi Elaine and the rest of the Haliburton Soap Company, I just wanted to let you know how much I (and Thrasher the dog) appreciate your product. I completely just gushed over you on social media. I am no longer bug food and everything smells fabulous. You have just made our summer 100x more enjoyable. Thanks!! Cindy "

    Cindy Fajardo

  • ""Big compliments for the Coconut soap. It is terriffic!!! need much less cream as it seems to nourish the skin without drying it out. Thanks! ""


  • "My kids can't wait to get at the prize inside. I have the cleanest kids around!"

    Nov 2004 Customer at Royal Winter Fair

  • "Love your Pet is great! I see so many animals that get eaten up with Blackflies that I asked the Haliburton Soap Factory to make a product to help and sure does!"

    Dr Peter Bennett -- Minden Animal Clinic

  • "I had a woman come in and buy nine bottles the other day for her friends and family. She says not only do they use it to keep the bugs away, they use it to refresh the stinky coats of the dogs who have a had a lot of swimming. Thought you'd like to know of a new application. Also our vet refers people here to buy it."

    Marena At Cat Nap and Lazy Dog in Barrys Bay Ontar

  • "Thanks Elaine. My husband I used the soap and spray this past Sat night before we went to the drive-in in Lindsay where we watch movies for almost 5 hours with 1000's of mosquitos ! Not one bite ! I am the best spokesperson for the product for the store and that's how we sold out."


  • "LOL! We have been looking for this product [again!] for about 9 years since we bought some at a show! The stuff works excellent on the dogs!! We we`re up in Huntsville this weekend and were trying to find a shop that sold your stuff, but no luck! It will keep us going through next year! We didn't have your address in Haliburton! Do you have a shop set up for retail? Thanks again for putting out a great product!"


  • "Works great and no residue to stain clothing. :)Bugs may follow but will not land"

    Liane Balek

  • "We bought your 2 bottles Deep North outdoor spray at a sport store in Huntsville Canada day 2011. We live in Boucherville QC and wonder if a local store carries your products. no worries if not., It was left to freeze, forgotten in a golf bag and re surfaced this year and works even better..We still have some and ,My wife will order online Thanks Peter Newell BTW. Went to Camp Amek in the love your area It is my wife the travel agent digits above"

    Marie and Family

  • "I bought this soap while on vacation in Minden and hadn't trie dit until I got back to Montreal. The scent is intoxicating and fresh and the soap leaves my skin feeling clean and soft. It's been a while since a soap was able to make me feel confident, but this product sure does it! I love it and plan on ordering more! "

    Denise L.

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