In 1998 our family started a cottage industry business of hand crafted soaps lotions shampoos etc using only the finest ingredients. this venture was know as the Haliburton Soap factory LTD. we travelled to consumer shows and trade shows within Ontario from 1998 until 2016 when we came to the decision to stop making hand crafted soaps due to the abundance of home crafters who moved to this area and saturated an already very small market. However we continued to make the all natural sprays known as Deep North Outdoor and Love Your Pet. The Product is available at several local and province wide pet stores, veterinarians AND Gift and Specialty shops. We are always interested in finding more retail outlets interested in selling our ALL NATURAL sprays. Please call 705 754 3681 or email info@haliburtonsoapfactory.com for a list of places where our product is available.


  • "Love your Pet is great! I see so many animals that get eaten up with Blackflies that I asked the Haliburton Soap Factory to make a product to help and sure does!..."

    Dr Peter Bennett -- Minden Animal Clinic

  • "Thanks Elaine. My husband I used the soap and spray this past Sat night before we went to the drive-in in Lindsay where we watch movies for almost 5 hours with 1000's of mosquitos ! Not one bite ! ..."


  • ""Big compliments for the Coconut soap. It is terriffic!!! need much less cream as it seems to nourish the skin without drying it out. Thanks! "..."


  • " Hi Derek Used the all natural Deep North outdoor spray this weekend...just had to send you a note. This stuff is awesome !! Smells nice...not sticky like others I have tried...(aloe and vitamin..."

    Derek Vince Retailer Eco Pet Kingston

  • "Works great and no residue to stain clothing. :)Bugs may follow but will not land..."

    Liane Balek

  • "I had a woman come in and buy nine bottles the other day for her friends and family. She says not only do they use it to keep the bugs away, they use it to refresh the stinky coats of the dogs who hav..."

    Marena At Cat Nap and Lazy Dog in Barrys Bay Ontar

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